Reflection on 7th grade

I came to school in August expecting the same thing everyone else was. We all were thinking to have similar experiences to the sixth grade, expect we were all excited for finally playing for a school sports team. We didn’t realize just yet what 7th grade could be. I soon knew it would be completely different. When October came around I was very busy. I would go to school exhausted and tired, go through a tough morning workout, and go through the school day. When the day ended I would get home and do my homework, then I was off to practice for whatever sport presented itself. I eventually decided things weren’t getting any easier, and it would be this way all year long. Days would go bye tiring and exhausting. Last year I would have little homework if any, and be able to be at home all alone with nothing too do. Boy did that change.
With the year coming to a close seventh grade has taught me a lot. I’ve learned how to be able to balance my life. I would do assignments we had multiple days to do on days with no after school activities. Things did get easier, but only because I learned how to do it. I was lucky enough to get fantastic teachers. Good teachers guided me through work I didn’t understand, taught the lesson very well, and are just plain nice on a bad day. Learning a new subject, Texas history, was hard. Last year we went through random events, dealing with the entire world. Now we only learn about Texas’s history and it’s culture. With an end to the year I would like to compete the goals I’ve had all year. As and Bs. I’ve been studying hard and doing my work and my goal with hopefully be achieved with all my end of year tests. If I got another chance I would try to do less outside of school and more inside. An extra hour of studying a week makes a huge difference. My advice to next years 7th graders is don’t get behind. Missing even 1 project sets you way back to miss more. It’s hard to bounce back even from 2 days of being sick. Try and keep up and it will be a piece of cake.

The catch of my life

It was 3rd down, we were winning 13-8. It was the 2nd quarter and the play came in. It was a shallow, a quick slant across the middle. The play call was 7. We all looked at our wristbands. In a hushed voiced our quarter back whispered, “Trevor’s primary, Joeseph your secondary”. Joseph was running an In right in front of me. We broke the Circle and jogged too our positions. My tongue was dry. I wanted the ball in my hands to make a play. I looked inside to our quarterback and got a glimpse of Joseph across the field, he nodded as if he knew it was coming my way. Breathing heavily i narrowed eyes with my corner. My hands covered by leather gloves balled into fists, and my legs spread making the perfect form. I was ready.
The words came out slowly, “set. Go!” I took off, One.. Two… Three… My feet went. I drugged into the grass and cut left quickly. I saw the center take to a knee and look my way. I almost didn’t see the ball coming my way. It was on the money, only I batted it up with one hand. I threw myself towards it and leaped over my corner. Bobbling. It I fell to the ground. Everything was black for a few seconds. When I open my eyes my teammates clapped. The ref motioned forward for a first down. The ball was tucked in my arm. I had caught it.

Messy Room by: Shel Silverstein

Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
His underwear is hanging on the lamp.
His raincoat is there in the overstuffed chair,
And the chair is becoming quite mucky and damp.
His workbook is wedged in the window,
His sweater’s been thrown on the floor.
His scarf and one ski are beneath the TV,
And his pants have been carelessly hung on the door.
His books are all jammed in the closet,
His vest has been left in the hall.
A lizard named Ed is asleep in his bed,
And his smelly old sock has been stuck to the wall.
Whosever room this is should be ashamed!
Donald or Robert or Willie or–
Huh? You say it’s mine? Oh, dear,
I knew it looked familiar!

I liked this poem because I myself have a messy room. I don’t have a room quite that messy, but it certainly is messy. I have clothes on the floor, and bed sheets on the floor. Most poems are very serious, but this one shows great humor and rhythm. The words rhyme every few stanzas. It does over exaggerate the messiness of a room. It shows wonderful details describing the room. I can easily picture the room. That is why I liked this poem.

Media and a memory


When I was little I just couldn’t do without my Kd 3 shoes. It was the most treasured thing I owned. They were black and blue and has white stripes across the base and white laces up the blue tongue and while wrapped around the back. While I had the shoes I felt like I was a better player and could run faster, and jump higher. That’s why I loved my shoes. Without the shoes I would wear my dumpy old white barkleys and wouldn’t have the support I would have with these. I love these shows and miss having them with me. They never left my side. They were the most greatest shoes ever.

Narrative Writing

Adrenaline rushed through me, I stopped the ball and kept the play alive. I nervously glanced at the clock. “Just one more minute” I said through clenched teeth ready to shatter.
My throbbing foot was forcing all my weight onto my other leg. It was my last game of the day, out of 5. I was sprawled out on the bench, with tears in my eyes and pain slowly creeping up my leg. My coach did the slightest thing to let me know I’m in. He pointed to me and back to the game. I stumbled to find my words all that came out was coach… my foot… “You will be fine” he would reply. With no further argument i was in the game. The pain burned like a blazing fire in my foot. The man guarding me continued to shove me and step on my foot. I would kick him off and even shove him back when the refs were not looking. finally the time was right. i had the ball, almost tucked under my left arm. I cradled it right and swung it around left. I throw it down spinning back an split second later. he was beat and he knew it. All he could do was throw me down as hard as he could. I chucked the ball over my shoulder swishing it as the foul was called. the ref has a stern strong voice when he said ” hey 42 thats intentional, your out of the game”. The kid tried to fight back but his coach pulled him back. Still on the ground, the pain throbbing worst then ever I pushed myself up. I stumbled again and let out a cry the whole gym could here. the ref walked over to me asking how I was. I told him i was fine. I wanted to stay in. I look at the sidelines and gave big 42 one last wave goodbye.
I now know to play the game carefully. My foot snaps when I walk and still hurts this day. Basketball is a sport that you have to learn to play through pain, but next time I’m sitting this one out.

Lake trip

I don’t go on the lake very often, I’m not a good wake boarded and frankly I don’t like the gross water. However this was an offer I couldn’t resist. It was an all boys trip. 4 family’s, 13 boys at the lake house for the weekend. We got there Friday afternoon and got on the boat the second we got there. I wasn’t too thrilled for this whole trip, but midway through the boat ride I was actually enjoying myself. We got back around 6:00 and me and brother went out on the jet ski. We had a great idea to play this game called “jet ski wars”. We went to a open spot In the lake and went full speed and tried to use the wake to flip the other jet ski. Most of the time people would jump onto the other jet ski and push them off, it was really exciting! We got back at sundown and fished a little before we headed In. We didn’t catch much, only a bass and a catfish. We went in to dinner and were downstairs until about 11:00 before we went to bed. We couldn’t wait till tomorrow!
We woke up really early the next morning to fish the next morning. We fished for a while until around 9:00. We ate breakfast and went back out on the lake. Everyone was tired so we just went to the sandbar to play football and rest. We were out on the lake for a long time. We stayed there for a couple hours and then headed into the deepest part of the lake to boat fish. We were trying to catch all we could for a big dinner that night. We got to the house and stored all 12 fish we had. We picked a couple good ones to cook later. All the parents were at the dock when my brother and I took the jet skis out. We kept tipping them and swam diving off them, it was a great time, we hook up a tube and had some more people come join us. We watched the day wind down as the sun set. We set up some lights and played sports for a while In the dark. Around 8:00 we were able to eat all the fish we had caught. It was a filling me that made me stuffed for the night. We watched tv until around 10:30 I went to bed, I couldn’t wait for the last day!
We slept In a little late and got up around 10:00. We immediately went tubing and boating for hours on end. We got a big game of football going and went on the jet ski one last time. It was late and we needed to go home. I left the lake sadly. I packed my things and was on my way. It was the best weekend ever!

Expository writing

The crowd shrilled In excitement, the game was almost over, 3 more seconds. Basketball is thrilling.

When you shoot a 3 pointer it has to go in, if you don’t everyone is mad and coach is yelling. When it goes in you are on top of the world and nothing is bringing you down, besides another missed 3. When you get an open look you can’t resist launching it into the basket. THREEEEEEEEEEEEEE! No one can stop me now! When the game is on the line a 3 pointer will always help.

In addition the screams of the loud crowd make you want to make bigger and better plays. It’s a lot of pressure, but pressure can help you win. If you keep calm and enjoy the game the crowd actually helps. Basketball crowds help you win.

There’s nothing I love more them being In the basketball game when it’s close. Basketball is a strive for greatness. When it’s almost over, it’s when it really gets competitive and you can show what you got. Hmmmmmmm….. Maybe next time I’ll sit on the bench until clutch time! Then I can show my stuff.

My first touchdown

With beads of sweet running down my face, and stains of grass across my jersey I was finally In the backfield. The ball was light In my hands and I almost lost it. I tucked it tight into left arm and headed towards my hole. I cut back the slightest bit and went right. The cool fall air made today perfect for football. Coaches and players looked hoping for me to score. I tripped over a defender and extended the ball. One yard short. It was the last game of the season vs Elgin. We were 5-3 and we’re winning 16-12. With a minute to go we got a pick and took it to the 9 yard line. Against this team last time I was stopped 1 yard short. and I’m at that one yard line again today. This time I will score. Against 4 points I got my first carry for 12 yards. And became a back up. Next week I got stopped and never got that touchdown. This time I wanted it. Wanted it bad.
With 38 seconds on the clock and a lead of 4 at our backs we we’re about to close out a good season only loosing 3 games, and beating the 2nd best team. The play was called and I was destined to get in. The words came out slowly but finally the ball was snapped. I locked it Into my arms tighter then ever, and made my efforts into the goal line. No one touched me I ran into the end zone and gave the ref the ball. I finally got it. With a win of 24-12 it was a great season we walked over being the best team In west lake. The sad part was it was over. Now with this all I could do was wait one more year.

3 on 3 tournament

Memorial Day. The long weekend before the end of school. It’s suppose to be a lazy Monday to rest and sleep in. Not for me. 4 other friends and I decided to enter this years 3 on 3 tournament. This would be my 4th year entering and I have never won. I got 2nd place twice but still I needed to win. For us it was not all about winning. One of our teammates fathers passes away, his name was Ross. We all decided on the team name crosses for ross. We woke up around 6:00 Monday morning, and we prepared to head out. It was a hot day, with no wind blowing and clear sky’s. We were In a huge empty parking lot filled with basketball hoops and spray painted courts. After a quick ordination we began to play. There were many teams, of all ages. There were food trucks and fun booths all around. With a central announcer who would call out scores and even DJ songs. We lost our very first game to a group of our friends by 1. We
Won the next 4 games but quite a large margin. The games were timed unless someone reached 16, going by 1s and 2s. We got into bracket play and played a group of our friends from the other bracket. We beat them by 6 and we were In the championship. We thought we would play the same guys again assuming they won. We stood on the court, the last game of the day. Most everyone cleared out leaving poem courts all around. We saw. Group of 3 girls take there places near us. This has to be a mistake. They told us they beat the team we lost too. How could that be? We didn’t take seriously at first- but boy were they good. We ended up winning by 3 and we won the championship. We knew this win was for the greater cause. Thanks for everything Ross we all said leaving the courts. A perfect end, to a perfect day.